Lifelike Dentures

Dentures are replacement teeth that can be removed and replaced at the patient’s discretion. Depending on your individual needs, our dentists may recommend partial or full dentures.

Full dentures replace a full arch of missing teeth. There are two types of full dentures:

  • Conventional full dentures are placed after the gums have healed. It could take a few months for the tissue to heal completely, but conventional dentures won’t need as many adjustments as immediate dentures.
  • Immediate full dentures are placed immediately after tooth extraction. That means you won’t have to spend a single day without your teeth! These patients will have to come into our office a few times for adjustments as their gums heal and the jawbone changes.

Partial dentures are used for patients who are missing several, but not all, of their teeth. These dentures clasp onto the remaining healthy teeth or can be installed with dental implants. They are similar to a bridge, except they are not a permanent fixture.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Dentures?

  • Improved ability to chew
  • Greater variety in diet
  • Easier speech and reduced speech impediments
  • A fuller, more youthful facial appearance
  • Protects remaining teeth from wearing down
  • Can be removed for easy brushing and cleaning

Caring for Your Dentures

When you’re back to enjoying life with a full and complete smile, it’s important to take good care of your dentures. They are delicate and may break if dropped. Here are some tips:

  • Stand over a sink full of water while handling dentures
  • Store dentures away from children or pets
  • Brush dentures daily
  • Avoid using hard-bristled brushes that damage dentures
  • Use hand soap, denture cleaner, or mild dish soap occasionally to clean dentures
  • Avoid other abrasive household cleaners in cleaning dentures
  • When not worn, keep dentures in denture cleanser soaking solution or water so they do not dry out
  • Never place dentures in hot water or allow them to be in extreme heat, as they might warp

If you have any questions about your new dentures, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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