Emergency Dentistry

In a time of emergency, we have the skill necessary to restore your smile quickly.

If your smile has experienced any trauma, contact West Valley Natural Dentistry for emergency care. There is usually a time constraint facing dentistry, but we want to guarantee your comfort at any given time. Dr. Davis provides same-day treatment as well as after-hours appointments to protect you and your loved ones when a dental emergency occurs.

If a sudden mishap leaves you in need of emergency dental treatment, our compassionate team is waiting to help! We can execute your emergency treatment with precision and care.

Good candidates for emergency care are people who are suffering from discomfort or damage that cannot wait for a regular dental appointment. However, if you are suffering from a life-threatening injury, call 911 immediately.

Same-Day Patients

At West Valley Natural Dentistry, we understand that some events put your smile at risk. These kinds of problems require immediate care instead of a regular appointment.

We want to help you protect your teeth by offering same-day appointments for our patients with emergencies. Just give us a call, so we can restore your comfort as soon as possible.

After-Hours Appointments

Just like when you have to run to the medical emergency room, you should be able to contact your dentist beyond regular nine to five hours. You can call us to schedule an after-hours appointment so that we can attend to your urgent dental needs.

Addressing Your Dental Emergency

  1. Remain calm. Contact us right away. We can provide you with customized advice.
  2. Place clean linen over any bleeding site and apply pressure.
  3. Take over-the-counter analgesic to relieve pain temporarily.
  4. Hold an ice pack to the outside of the face to reduce swelling.
  5. For a missing tooth, rinse it carefully. Attempt to replace it in its original location in the mouth. You can also store it in a container of saline solution, saliva, or milk. Use this same storage method for broken teeth.

Contact West Valley Natural Dentistry Right Away

The first step to handling your dental emergency is to give us a call at West Valley Natural Dentistry. We don’t want you to dwell in a state of pain or concern. We can help!