Natural Dentistry

Natural dentistry takes into account not only your smile but also your systemic health. As an integrative biological practice, we think about the way each procedure could affect every aspect of your wellness and create treatments that promote total body health. We take into account the body’s natural biological processes to create integrative biological treatments. Dr. Davis will do everything he can to prevent, diagnose and treat your smile with safe and natural methods.

Striving To Be Metal-Free

Many dentists treat oral conditions with elements that are known to be toxic. For example, traditional metal fillings are made up of more than 50% mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal that can cause permanent damage to the central nervous and immune systems.

Dental patients deserve to know what kinds of metals and materials dentists are using in their mouths. Unfortunately, more than half of Americans surveyed in 2006 were completely unaware of the dangers of the dental fillings that they had.

We strive to be as metal-free as we can here at West Valley Natural Dentistry. Our goal is to use as little metal as reasonably possible in restoring your teeth and absolutely no mercury or “silver” fillings. Your health and your family’s health is our number one priority. All of our restorations are made with safe, ceramic materials instead of heavy metals like mercury.

Dr. Davis has trained with the IAOMT and is a certified SMART dentist qualified in safe amalgam removal.

Ozone Dentistry

We have made a commitment to utilizing treatments that are beneficial for your overall health as well as safe for the world around us. Ozone treatments are a perfect fit for that commitment.

With its unique properties, ozone destroys bacteria on contact and may provide numerous other benefits as well. Depending on the state of the tooth, we may be able to halt the decay process without resorting to fillings or root canals. The lasers we use for ozone treatment may help reduce the need for anesthetic and minimize discomfort. Ozone may also accelerate the healing process. There are no side effects associated with using ozone, which means we can treat dental issues without negatively impacting a patient’s overall health. With so many benefits, ozone is a worthwhile treatment to consider for your dental and overall health.

Ozone is simply a formation of three oxygen atoms. As a naturally occurring substance, any excess ozone from our procedures dissipates harmlessly. This makes it an ideal treatment when we think about the impact of dental procedures on the environment. Rather than disposing of harmful chemicals, extra ozone from our work can add to the oxygen content instead.

Biologically Compatible Materials

Dr. Davis is also concerned about creating a healthy environment for you and your children. Another reason we try to use as little metal as possible is so that when we dispose of our materials, there are no threatening materials that can harm wildlife that may come in contact with it. We want to help the food chain remain pure and free from toxins.

Our materials, such as tooth-colored composite resin, are biologically compatible with your natural enamel and dentin and harmless for the environment.

Balancing Dental Health and Whole Body Wellness

The dentists at West Valley Natural Dentistry care about so much more than resolving a cavity or placing a dental crown. Dr. Davis will consider your whole body health throughout every procedure. We are an integrative biological practice and take great care during every procedure to ensure that chemicals stay out of your body, and bacteria won’t become trapped in places where it should not be.

We want you to enjoy lasting health for years into the future. We will only encourage you to undergo treatment if it will be beneficial to you in the long-term and we stand by our commitment to biologically compatible materials and mercury-free dentistry.

You deserve the best and the safest dentistry, and we want to give that to you at West Valley Natural Dentistry.

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