Ozone Dentistry

Here at West Valley Natural Dentistry, we are committed to using treatments that resolve dental issues in a way that is beneficial for your overall health as well. As we work to naturally prevent decay in our patients’ mouths, ozone dentistry is an appealing treatment.

What is ozone?

While your first thought goes to Earth’s atmosphere, ozone is a gas molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. The ozone layer around Earth is mainly comprised of these molecules.

What does ozone have to do with my mouth?

Although this may be the first time you have heard about ozone in connection with your health, researchers have been studying ozone’s health benefits for several decades. Currently, ozone is being used to sterilize water, air, and produce. The European medical community is using ozone right now based on research carried out in the early 1900s. Ozone has a unique property that makes it useful for these purposes as well as dental work. It destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Because ozone kills bacteria, we can use it in dental procedures and stop decay in its tracks.

How do you use ozone?

We use ozone in two ways. Ozone water is used to rinse your mouth prior to dental work. This kills bacteria to enhance the effectiveness of a procedure. We also use ozone that is applied to a specific tooth by a laser. This method eliminates bacteria and halts the process of decay.

What are the benefits of using ozone?

Teeth that are suffering from decay are typically drilled in order to clear out the infected portion of the tooth and create space for a filling. Depending on the overall health of the tooth, ozone can be used instead to clear out the bacteria and halt the decay. This results in a less painful procedure. Ozone is also more effective as the triple-oxygen molecules diffuse throughout the tooth to places the drill may not be able to reach. When used early in the decay process, patients may be able to avoid fillings and root canals.

Ozone may have a number of other benefits for our patients as well. It may help reduce the need for anesthetic as well as minimize discomfort. This is great news for our patients who are anxious about dental procedures. There is also the possibility that ozone treatments can accelerate the healing process.

West Valley Natural Dentistry is an integrative biological practice. We care about the way dental procedures affect your overall health, so we are especially pleased with the lack of side effects from using ozone. This feature makes it a safe option for patients of all ages, including children.

If you are curious about what ozone can do for your oral health, call our office to schedule a consultation.