Teeth Whitening

Beautiful white teeth lead to more frequent smiles. When you smile more, you feel more self-confident and happy with your appearance. Others will be more attracted to you and perceive you to be a happier and more pleasant person.

We offer safe and effective chairside whitening at West Valley Natural Dentistry. We combine the newest advances in dental technology with protective chemical formulas. Our dentists can give you a bleaching experience that is comfortable while also giving you stunning results.

Sinsational Smile®

There are hundreds of whitening treatments out there. Why do we trust Sinsational Smile® at West Valley Natural Dentistry?

  • Sinsational Smile® treats all of the teeth simultaneously, unlike many other whitening methods.
  • This formula offers faster treatment times and more dramatic results.
  • It is designed to protect the teeth and reduce sensitivity.
  • Sinsational Smile® is proven to be a safe and effective treatment.
  • When you undergo Sinsational Smile® whitening, you are under the supervision of a dental professional, and your treatment is customized to meet your unique needs.

Sinsational Smile® includes 35% Carbamide Peroxide along with carbomer, menthol, glycerin, and mint flavoring. The peroxide breaks down to eliminate yellowing and staining. We expedite the process with a blue LED light.

How Does Treatment Work?

First, come meet with one of our dentists to determine the details of your upcoming whitening procedure. Once you come in for treatment, you can expect the following process:

  • Your dentist will apply a protective coating to the teeth.
  • We will place the loaded bleach tray onto the teeth precisely so that the teeth are evenly coated.
  • We will position the Sinsational Smile® LED light.
  • After just 20 minutes, the whitening gel and light are removed.
  • The patient rinses their teeth and checks out their gorgeous results.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sinsational Smile® Whitening

You can brighten your smile in just twenty minutes with Sinsational Smile®. It’s one of the fastest ways to brighten your smile several shades.

Reduced chair time also means that your gums and teeth aren’t exposed to the whitening gel for very long. That means a significant increase in your comfort during and after the procedure.

We can also provide you with at-home whitening pens so that you can continue to improve or maintain your smile. Get ready to show off your sparkling white results after one short visit.

To schedule your whitening consultation, contact West Valley Natural Dentistry today.