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Welcome to West Valley Dental

We hope West Valley Dental can become your number one choice for dentistry. Dr. Rich Davis and Dr. James Pfost have established a natural-based, environmentally-friendly practice that is safer for you and your loved ones.

This full service dental office is dedicated to providing you with comfortable dental care. We work hard to complete your treatments efficiently and quickly, while ensuring optimal results.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Pfost can give you a beautiful, healthy smile, as well as a pleasant experience. We strive to provide comfortable dentistry when we make your smile the best it can be.

N a t u r a lD e n t i s t r y

Our purpose is to help you achieve better health with a natural approach. Our dentists are committed to the reduction of toxic materials and harmful metals in dentistry. Both of our dentists are trained to make your teeth shine while employing methods and materials that are harmless to the environment and to you!

E m e r g e n c yD e n t i s t r y

At West Valley Dental, we can help you receive the care your smile urgently needs. We are happy to attend to different kinds of dental emergencies, including toothaches, knocked out teeth, broken teeth, and damage to soft tissues. Our team will schedule you to meet with one of our doctors as soon as possible so you can regain your comfort and your confidence.

G e n e r a l & F a m i l yD e n t i s t r y

General and family dentistry includes all of the treatments that will help you maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime. Whether you need to bring your child in for a checkup, or you need a more advanced procedure to restore your health, we are prepared to administer unparalleled care. We respect your goals, preferences, and expectations, and we hope to help you protect your smile.

D e n t a lI m p l a n t s

Do you have damaged or missing teeth? If you’re missing the look, feel, and functionality of natural teeth, we offer the ideal solution at West Valley Dental. Dental implants provide a strength and aesthetic that is the next-best-thing to a real smile, so you won’t have to worry about your smile anymore.

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At West Valley Dental, we can give you and your family all of the benefits traditional dentistry has to offer, with a healthy twist. We use only materials that are biologically compatible and safe for you, because we care about your whole body health, not just your smile.

To schedule your appointment, contact us at West Valley Dental today.